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Academic Advisors

Professor Gary Deimling
Office: 231A Mather Memorial
Phone: 216.368.5173


Professor Mary Erdmans
Office: 229 Mather Memorial
Phone: 216.368.2164


Professor Karie Feldman
Office: 229 Mather Memorial
Phone: 216.368.2484


Professor Susan Hinze
Office: 223F Mather Memorial
Phone: 216.368.2702


Professor Eva Kahana
Office: 231B Mather Memorial
Phone: (216) 368-2704

Sociology majors and minors are each assigned a faculty advisor who is available to provide information and counsel throughout the student’s period of study at Case.  Advisors provide information about courses, concentrations, requirements, career issues, and other topics of concern.  As an undergraduate Sociology student, you are welcome to contact your advisor at any time to discuss questions and concerns.  If in the course of one’s studies, you find that your interests are shifting or for other reasons, you may also request to change advisors.

Each semester, during the pre-registration period you should have a discussion with your advisor, it is recommended that you come prepared for the consultation with your advisor about your course selection.  You need to check your status with regard to required courses, have a list of preferred courses, and a second list (in case those on your first list are closed) of backup courses.  When your advisor has approved your plan for the semester, s/he will release your advising hold.  Also, it is important that you arrange additional appointments throughout the semester to discuss any issues that you may have, as well as your general progress and future plans.

Page last modified: January 8, 2018