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CWRU Sociology faculty and students enliven annual GSA meeting

Posted on November 25, 2015

Once again, CWRU’s Department of Sociology had a strong presence at the annual meeting of the Gerontological Society of America, held in Orlando (11/18-23).  Overall 6 faculty and 13 students participated this year.

Agency, the State and Active Ageing: Inequality and Precariousness in the Construction of Old Age

Christopher Phillipson; Dale Dannefer; Linda Burton

Does Social Support Play the Same Role for Impacting Health Self-Advocacy among LGBT and Non-LGBT Seniors?

Minzhi Ye; Jeong Eun Lee; Eva Kahana; Boaz Kahana; Jiao Yu

Active Ageing and Extended Working Life Policies: Gender Considerations in the USA and Ireland

Aine Ni Leime

Their Today is our Future: Staff’s Work Experiences in a Community-Based Elder Care Program in Shanghai

Lin Chen; Minzhi Ye; Eva Kahana

Adventurous LGBT Older Adults Thrive in Florida

Boaz Kahana; Eva Kahana; Jeong Eun Lee; Minzhi Ye; Kaitlyn Barnes; Kayla Courey

Burden of Disability and Symptoms of Depression Among Community Dwelling Older Adults Over Time

Kaitlyn Barnes; Jeong Lee; Eva Kahana; Boaz Kahana; Kayla Courey

A Propensity Score Matching Analysis of the Health Disparities between LGBT and Non-LGBT Older Adults

Jiao Yu; Eva Kahana; Boaz Kahana; Minzhi Ye; Julia K. Wolf

Aging in the Shadows of Trauma

Timothy Goler; Eva Kahana

Profiles of Successful Aging among Older Adults

Jeong Eun Lee; Boaz Kahana; Minzhi Ye; Julia K. Wolf

Aging in the shadows of the Nazi Holocaust: social context makes a difference

Boaz Kahana; Jeong Eun Lee

Sources of Inequality and Heterogeneity in Adulthood: New Frontiers in Life Course Studies of Health

Dale Dannefer; Diana Kuh; Pamela Herd

The Role of Altruistic Community in the Aftermath of Natural Disaster: Psychological Sequelae Among Older Adults

Tirth Bhatta; Eva Kahana; Boaz Kahana


Marriage, Military, and Work: Early Mediators Between Childhood Adversity and Adult Health Status for Men

Jessica Kelley-Moore; Wenxuan Huang

The Relative Importance of Cancer as a Traumatic Stressors in Later Life

Gary Deimling; Elizabeth Nalepa; Casey Albitz

Beyond SSDI: Labor Force Transitions of the Work Disabled

Mary Ellen Stone; Jessica Kelley-Moore

Does Having Goals Help You Deal with Life Stressors?

Jeong Eun Lee; Eva Kahana; Boaz Kahana

Altruism among Older Adults: Construct Development and Validation

Tirth Bhatta; Eva Kahana; Boaz Kahana; Elizabeth Midlarsky


Racial-based Differences in Psychological Well-being among Urban Elders: Examination of the Relationship between Structural Disadvantage and Appraisal

Timothy Goler


Spirituality and Resourcefulness among Women Dementia Caregivers; Variation in Mental Health Benefits by Social Groups

Nirmala Lekhak; Jaclene A. Zausniewski; Tirth Bhatta

Cancer, Comorbidities and Functioning in later life: A Longitudinal Comparison of Cancer Survivors and Older Adults Never diagnosed with Cancer

Gary Deimling; Minzhi Ye; Jeong Lee; Boaz Kahana; Eva Kahana

Facilitators of Patient Satisfaction with Health Care: Both Patient and Doctor Characteristics Matter

Eva Kahana; Jiao Yu; Boaz Kahana; Jeong Eun Lee


Uncertain Futures: Managing Late Career Transitions and Extended Working lives

Sarah A. Vickerstaff; Christopher Phillipson; Aine Ni Leime

Extending working life in Ireland: gender and health impacts

Aine Ni Leime; Nata Duvvury


International Perspectives on Gender and Health Implications of Longer Working Lives

Debra Street; Aine Ni Leime; Sarah A. Vickerstaff

Empty Nests Are Not That Empty: Reestimating the Effect of Empty-Nest on Older Adults’ Subjective Quality of Life in Mainland China

Minzhi Ye; Wenxuan Huang

Constitution of Educational Inequality in Subjective Well-Being among Older Adults in India and China: Assessing the Significance of Occupation

Tirth Bhatta; Wenxuan Huang; Nirmala Lekhak

 Age-Graded Trajectories in Health and Aging Research: Embracing the Promises, Avoiding the Pitfalls

Jielu Lin; Jessica Kelley-Moore

Aging in Place Within Fairfax: The Lived Experience of Life Course Trajectories

Kaitlyn Barnes

Contemporary Trends in Life Course Scholarship: Interdisciplinary Research in Late Life Development

Kathryn Z. Douthit; Jessica Kelley-Moore

Theorizing Interdisciplinary Research in Late Life Human Development

Kathryn Z. Douthit; Dale Dannefer; Wenxuan Huang

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