Age and the Life Course

  • Stress, trauma, proactivity, and well-being in late life
  • Cumulative dis/advantage and inequality over the life course
  • Inequality in retirement and the end of the work career
  • Interplay between work and family
  • Care-getting and caregiving during the final years of life

Medicine and Health Cares

  • Race, class, and gender influences on physician decision-making
  • Social construction of diseases and diagnoses
  • Health communication and health care advocacy
  • National and international health policy

Population and Individual Health

  • Neighborhood and community influences on health
  • Cancer survivorship
  • Health and mortality disparities over the life course
  • Disability trajectories in midlife and older adulthood

Social Inequality

  • Urban poverty and quality of life
  • Occupational sex segregation and the gendered pay gap
  • Race, class, gender issues for poor and working class families
  • Theory and ideology in medicine and science

Public Policy and Community Action

  • International children’s rights
  • Law and social policy
  • Action research and reform in long term care institutions
  • Individual, institutional, and global responses to inequality