Gerontological BA Requirements


The gerontological studies program offers a major that leads to the Bachelor of Arts degree. However, it may be selected only as a second major, the first major being in a traditional academic department. The major consists of a minimum of 30 credits; 9 are in required courses and 21 are in approved elective courses.

The required courses are:

COSI 345: Communication and Aging (3)
PSCL 369: Adult Development and Aging (3)
SOCI 361: The Life Course


SOCI 369/469: Aging in American Society (3)


Approved electives:

At least 21 credit hours must be earned in the approved electives listed below. This list changes from time to time as departmental offerings change. Check with the director of the gerontological studies program for current information.

ANTH 215: Health Culture, and Disease: An Introduction to Medical Anthropology (3)
SOCI 311: Health, Illness, and Social Behavior (3)
SOCI 313: Sociology of Stress and Coping (3)
SOCI 319: Sociology of Institutional Care (3)
SOCI 361: The Life Course (if not taking as an elective) (3)
SOCI 365: Health Care Delivery (3)
SOCI 369/469: Aging in American Society (3)


The minor consists of 15 credits, including at least two of the core courses listed above and any three of the approved electives or remaining core courses.