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Capstone Students Present Independent Research Projects

Posted on December 23, 2015

On December 9th six sociology majors presented their Senior Capstone Experience (SOCI 392) research project to the scientific community of Case Western Reserve University. Each project represented an independent product reflective of the emerging intellectual interests and strengths of each student. The topics were drawn from a diversity of sociological areas, such as Gender & Sexualities; Economic Sociology; Crime and Delinquency; and Social Inequality. As you will see below, the students utilized a number of methodologies for their projects, as well.


From left to right:

Holly Johnson
“Mirror or Magnifying Glass? Two-State Comparative Study of Media Portrayals Regarding Hispanic Representation in Crime”

Margo Schmiederer
“From the Soil to Your Plate: An Analysis of the Local Food System in Cleveland”

Meghan Gibbons
“Pushing College to its Limits: The Lived Experience of Mobility Impairment for University Students”

Stephanie Popil
“One Mom, Two Moms, Past Moms, New Moms: Changes in the Representation of Same-Sex Couples in Children’s Literature from 1987 to 2015”

Ellie Martin Elston
“”New Version of What It Is To Be a Man”: Fraternity Men Talk About the Meaning of Brotherhood”

Veronica Cole
“The Poverty Web: Understanding the Multiple Needs of Hunger Center Clients in Cleveland”


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