Casey Albitz


B.A., Sociology, Case Western Reserve University

B.A., Psychology, Case Western Reserve University

M.A., Sociology, Case Western Reserve University

Ph.D., Sociology, Case Western University

Bio/Research Interests

Sociologist with a demonstrated history of working both in higher education and local government. I study formal eviction in Cleveland, Ohio and am interested in the relative autonomy of courts within civil forcible entry and detainer actions.  My doctoral research systematically documents the occurrence of formalized eviction in Cleveland, Ohio by examination of cases that have passed through the Cleveland Municipal Housing Court in 2018 coupled with participant observation through 2019. My work identifies the characteristics of all parties involved in formal eviction actions, documents processes and experiences, and investigates how the court implements a problem-solving framework and in which ways observed practices reproduce, mitigate, and refute power imbalances between opposing parties.  Additional research interests include urban sociology, race/class/gender, social inequality, Marxist sociology, law and society, health disparities, public policy, and research methods.

Dissertation Title: Evicted in Cleveland, Ohio: A Sociology of Displacement and the Role of the Court