Christine Schneider


B.A., Sociology, Baldwin-Wallace College

M.A., Sociology, Case Western Reserve University

PhD Candidate, Sociology, Case Western Reserve University

Bio/ Research Interests:

I am the Executive Director for INclusionWorks Consulting 501c3 Coporation which is designed to advocate and provide service for veterans, youth, individuals with learning disabilities and their families. Accomplished through evidence based comprehensive wrap-around educational and social programs using local community settings. I have mentored as a MPH capstone advisor and HSC capstone advisor and preceptor. I have extensive experience in teaching sociology, public health and health sciences. In my free time I enjoy woodland foraging for plants and fungi as food and medicine, hiking, and hanging out with my dogs. Research interests include health disparities, medical sociology, methods, public health, community-based programming and evaluation, and health promotion.


Dissertation Title: Living the Forgetting Experience: An exploratory Inquiry of the Lived Experience of Mild Cognitive Impairment Among Older VA Adults in Cleveland Ohio

Current CV