Cassi Pittman Claytor named one of the top “100 People Transforming Business” by Business Insider Magazine

Case Western Reserve University Assistant Professor of Sociology, Cassi Pittman Claytor, was featured in Business Insider magazine as one of “100 People Transforming Business”  for her work with Sephora. Professor Claytor’s research specializes in racism in retail.

“For clients such as Sephora, Pittman Claytor’s research team created models that demonstrate how racism interferes in each step of the customer’s journey, from the moment a consumer realizes they have a need to the moment they make that purchase. Her research brings retailers’ attention to the fact that when a person of color feels uncomfortable and unwelcomed in a store, it can lead to backlash on social media, even a boycott. At a minimum, the experience can create a loss in sales and trust.”

To learn more about Professor Claytor and her work, including information on her upcoming book, please visit her website.