Sociology Professor Cassi Pittman Claytor Receives National Attention for her Work on Racism in Retail

Professor of Sociology Cassi Pittman Claytor was recently featured in both Forbes and Glossy Magazine for her work on racism in retail, specifically in relation to her work with Sephora.

“The use of data analytics allows for understanding where a retailer may fall within a spectrum and provides benchmarking opportunities for retailers to improve. “There is a pervasive problem across retail and other industries with Black customers continuously having negative experiences,” states Claytor, “But this does not only impact the customers who are shopping; employees of color also face negative experiences from customers.” The only way to address this behavior beyond quick fixes is to fully understand the data, both qualitative and quantitative, and create KPIs to measure the movement of racial bias and inclusivity.”- Forbes Magazine, July 7, 2020. 

Professor Claytor has a book to be published later this year that addresses the intersection of race and class in elite spaces.