Dr. Pittman Claytor Cited in Forbes Article

Dr. Cassi Pittman Claytor was cited in Forbes article, “Rite Aid Facial Recognition Lawsuit Shows AI Risks Of Shopping While Black”, where she discusses the potential dangers of retailers using artificial intelligence to implement security measures in their stores. “Retailers need to think carefully and cautiously before utilizing AI to implement security measures in their stores,” says Cassi Pittman Claytor, associate professor of sociology at Case Western Reserve University. “Heightened surveillance never makes people want to spend their money. Time and time again, research has illustrated that AI is not only capable but quite competent in perpetuating racial inequities and reflecting racial biases that are endemic to our society. It is extremely naive to think that AI is ‘race-neutral’ or that adopting new technologies will eliminate persistent and society-wide problems like retail racism.”

Read the full article here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/shaunharper/2023/12/21/shopping-while-black-in-the-era-of-ai-lessons-from-a-federal-case-against-rite-aid/?sh=20186dfc79dd