Heather McKee Hurwitz

Full-time Lecturer


Mather Memorial 228

Heather McKee Hurwitz is a Lecturer of Sociology at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. Also at CWRU, she is a Core Research Faculty member in the Women’s and Gender Studies interdisciplinary program.  In high school, Heather realized that disproportionately few politicians are women. Since then, she has dedicated her life to understanding and transforming gender inequality and all other forms of inequality. For 20 years, Heather has participated in and studied a variety of social movements in the U.S. and Global South, including global justice, feminist, and anti-war movements. Currently, she researches and teaches about gender, social movements, globalization, culture, inequalities, and social media using qualitative and quantitative methods. She is revising her dissertation for publication. The book will provide an intersectional and feminist analysis of the Occupy Wall Street movement. It synthesizes and explains the experiences of women and genderqueer persons in the movement, many of whom were people of color and/or feminists. Heather’s published scholarship appears in Information, Communication, & SocietySociology Compass, and edited volumes from Oxford University Press. Heather completed a Post-Doctoral Fellowship at Barnard College Columbia University in Sociology and the Athena Center for Leadership. She holds a M.A. and Ph.D. in Sociology from University of California Santa Barbara and a M.A. in Women and Development Studies from the University of the Philippines Diliman. Find out more about Heather at http://www.heathermckeehurwitz.com/.



Book Manuscripts Under Review
Hurwitz, Heather McKee. America in the Streets: The Occupy Movement and the Intersectional Feminist Imperative.

Hurwitz, Heather McKee. ““Followers in a Leaderless Movement: Gender, Leadership, and Follower Feedback in the Occupy Wall Street Movement.” Mobilization: An International Quarterly.


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Hurwitz, Heather McKee and Verta Taylor. “Women Occupying Wall Street: Gender Conflict and Feminist Mobilization.” In 100 Years of the Nineteenth Amendment: An Appraisal of Women’s Political Activism, edited by Lee Ann Banasak and Holly J. McCammon, New York/Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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Hurwitz, Heather McKee and Verta Taylor. “Women’s Cultures and Social Movements in Global Contexts.” Sociology Compass. 6(10): 808–822.

In Progress 

Hurwitz, Heather McKee. “The Outcomes of Occupy Oakland 2012-2016.” Peer reviewed journal article.

Hurwitz, Heather McKee and Alexandra Hendley (equal authorship). “Updating Double Bind Theory: An Analysis of Women Nobel Prize Winners’ Narratives about and the Barriers to Women’s Leadership.” Peer reviewed journal article.




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