Karie Feldman

Full-time Lecturer


Mather Memorial Building - Room 229

Professor Feldman is a full-time lecturer at Case Western Reserve University. She earned her doctorate in sociology from CWRU as well. She teaches a range of courses that trigger students to look beyond individual circumstances and consider the broader social institutions that form our lives and shape our possibilities. These courses include large introductory lectures, advanced social theory seminars, as well as courses in the areas of Health & Illness, The Family, and Methods.


Research Interests

Her research interest lies at the intersection of family and individual health. In a recent paper, she explores the influence of public policy on well-being, providing a new way to analyze paternity leave policy. Further projects will utilize this method to explore outcomes in fertility, health, and other areas. These outcomes represent some of the different ways that social structures can be manipulated at the governmental level, but yet have profound influence on individual decisions and well-being.


Recent Publications

Dannefer, D. & Feldman, K. (2017). Age Integration, Age Segregation, and Generation X: Life-Course Perspectives. Generations, 41(3), 20-25.

Feldman, K. & Gran, B. (2016). Is What’s Best for Dads Best for Families? Paternity Leave Policies and Equity Across Forty-four Nations. Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare, 43(1), 95-119.