2023 NCSA Presentations

Eight students presented at the North Central Sociological Association (NCSA) Annual Meeting in Grand Rapids, Michigan on March 23-26. Students presenting their individual work include graduate students Casey Albitz, Lacey Caporale, Kaylee Boney, Zach Milko, Micah Bailey-Arafah, Anvitha Ravipati, Polina Ermoshkina, and Colleen Kavanagh.

In addition to these presentations, Dr. Tim Black was awarded the Scholarly Achievement Award in Book Division for his book, “It’s A Setup: Fathering from the Social and Economic Margins”, and undergraduate student Alessandra Sell placed first in the Undergraduate Student Paper division for her paper, “Fear the Migrant: Examining Anti-Immigrant Sentiment on Fox News, 2014-2020”.

Presentations of work below:
“Temporal Debt: At the Crossroads of Neoliberal Reason and Social Control” – Casey Albitz and Tim Black
“Threat: Marginalization on the Outskirts of Gentrification” – Lacey Caporale
“Class Location and Family Political Background of Social Movement Activists” – Kaylee Boney and Mary Erdmans
“Prevalence and Correlates of Food Insecurity at a Private, Midwestern University” – Zach Milko
“Cumulative Dis/Advantage, Status, and Allostatic Load” – Micah Bailey-Arafah
“An Expansion of Inclusivity: The Future of Life Course Research” – Micah Bailey-Arafah and Anvitha Ravipati
“Besides Me, My Mother Has No One: Only Daughters Caring for Their Aging Mothers in Ufa, Russia” – Polina Ermoshkina
“Chronic Pain Disparities by Sex: The Role of Economic Worry” – Colleen Kavanagh